Best Diamond Stud Earrings 2022: Reviews + Buying Guide

As known to many, diamond stud earrings leave a mark of their own. This piece of jewelry really stands out. The dilemma is to get the best diamond stud earrings from the infinite fake ones out there.

In this article, we have covered the top five diamond stud earrings along with guidance on how to shop for them.

Best Diamond Stud Earrings

If you want a single product recommendation from us right away, we would say that it would be safe to go with the Vir Jewels 1/3 cttw diamond stud earrings.

A Spotlight On Some of The Best Diamond Stud Earrings 2020:

Vir Jewels 1/3 cttw Certified Diamond Stud Earrings 14K

If you have been after a 14k diamond studs for long, this earring set is for you. The Vir Jewels 1/3 cttw diamond earrings are 100% genuine and not lab created like others. With every order, the makers include an AGS certificate to prove this claim.

It’s also worth highlighting that these beautiful earrings are not handcrafted in a country where laborers are paid dirt-cheap wages.

On the contrary, this diamond set is made in the USA, which is to say that the craftsmanship on this thing is unbeatable. Depending on the request at the time of the order, the makers also entertain custom orders. Anyone who knows a bit of jewelry will appreciate this diamond stud earring set for what it is.

Product Highlights:

The diamond earring set is as sparkling and attractive as it can get. This thing really has a premium look to it. Given the good looks and the resulting enthusiasm, you will put them on immediately.

No one will believe you when you quote the price you bought them for. The size of the stone is also spot on. It’s not oddly big or small, like the ones you find in a commercial jewelry shop. The best part is that they stay in place without causing any irritation.

Seriously, they are so delicate that you will hardly feel their presence. So, you can afford to wear them all day long without any issues. In fact, you can even sleep wearing them. They are also remarkably easy to screw on and take off.

The Good Things:

-As advertised, it comes with a certificate of clarity rating and authenticity. The diamonds have a serial number too.
-This best diamond stud earrings set is shipped in a red gift box, which looks really nice.
-These are unisex earrings. Therefore, they can be considered by a person of any gender.
-Lost back screws can be easily reordered. The company usually sends a link to help you order them at discounted rates.

The Bad Things:

-Considering the stone size, the diamond set may seem a bit out of proportion for ages five and below.

AGS Certified 1/2ct TW Round Diamond Stud Earrings

Beautiful, admirable, and reasonably priced, the AGS Certified 1/2ct TW Round Diamond Stud Earrings are truly worth a consideration. The overall craftsmanship of these stud earrings is a cut above the scope. They have a nice color, shine, and sparkle to them.

The chances are that you will wear them nonstop for weeks in a row because of the good looks. Also, they can be easily screwed and unscrewed from the ears. Plus, they fit nicely too. Even those who are prone to losing their earrings have stated that this diamond earring set has stayed with them for long because of the perfect fitting.

Product Highlights:

The diamonds are 100% real. The gold is stamped/trademarked. There are hardly any imperfections in this diamond set. The shine on the jewelry is simply out of the world. Seriously, it shines like there’s no tomorrow.

Believe it or not, most users have commented that this diamond set is far better than anticipated. Frankly speaking, you will receive a lot of compliments on them on literally any given day. And, this thing comes nicely boxed. The black case holds the earrings as well as the AGS card. Everything considered; this could easily be your best jewelry investment in recent years.

The Good Things:

-This best diamond stud earrings set is verified by a reputable diamond grading laboratory.
-The screw backs do a wonderful job of preventing the earrings from falling off.
-The company offer an authenticity certificate, which provides buyers with a feeling of comfort when spending hundreds of dollars.
-The product images don’t showcase the true beauty of these earrings. Seriously, these stud earrings look far better in person.

The Bad Things:

-Some users have reported that the size of the diamond turned out to be smaller than their expectations.

1/4-2 Carat Natural Round Brilliant Solitaire Diamond Stud Earrings

If you want to get diamond stud earrings without overspending, you owe it to yourself to get the 1/4-2 Carat Natural Round Brilliant Solitaire Diamond Stud Earrings. Shipped in a nice box, this item is everything that the makers advertise it to be.

As marketed, these diamond stud earrings have a rich look and feel to them. Seriously, they look dazzling not just in the pictures but in real life too. The simplistic design, combined with the intrinsic beauty of the diamond, will draw all eyes towards your face.

It’s truly designed, keeping a modern woman in mind. Given how classy and elegant it looks, it can be considered as a gift for weddings, birthdays, Mother’s Day, or any other special event that you can think of. There’s no way this product won’t impress the recipient.

Product Highlights:

This best diamond stud earrings set is shipped with an authenticity certificate issued by the Privosa Fine Jewelry. The certificate states that the materials used in the stud earrings are 100% genuine. Keep in mind that all the diamonds sold by the company are Earth-mined. Even the 14k Gold is completely authentic. The items go through rigorous quality inspections before shipment.

As it may be apparent to you by now, the company is not fooling around with people’s feelings. They are as transparent and honest as they can be about this product. Of course, this is why they are able to offer a written guarantee. If you return the product for any reason, the company will also accept returns for 30-days from the day of item purchase.

The Good Things:

-The item is shipped in the company’s signature jewelry box. The box is then placed in another protective box for solid transit protection.
-This diamond stud earrings set has a very modern look to it. It really is a show-stealer.
-Equivalent earrings won’t come at a similar price. Even if they do, you will find them to be of poor quality.

The Bad Things:

-You can’t wear them to sleep. For the earrings to last long, you should remove them before going to sleep or shower.

2/3 Carat Solitaire Diamond Stud Earrings

This best diamond earrings set is absolutely stunning, by any stretch of imaginations. The size, look, shape, and quality of this earring set is like nothing else in the market. Not to undermine the fact that the diamonds that you get are 100% natural, real, and not lab-grown.

The best part is that this earring set is sold at a bargain price. Yes, the manufacturer sells this item directly to the end-user, which is to say that there’s enough room for profit margin, even with lowered prices.

Believe it or not, similar diamond earring sets sell for several hundred dollars more. The stud earrings also come with an authenticity certificate. So, there’s enough proof to back the manufacturer’s bold claims of these earrings being 100% authentic and real.

Product Highlights:

The 2/3 Carat Solitaire Diamond Stud Earrings can be used as an everyday jewelry or as a main earring piece. Although this thing is eye-catching, it’s not overly flashy like the ones that scream ‘fake’ from the rooftop. Not to mention that you won’t feel pain, discomfort, or strange abnormality from wearing them.

Another fine point is that the makers behind this earring set, Houston Diamond District, are generous enough to offer a 30-day return period on this product. If there’s no foul play, the company will honor your return request without frying your brain.

Seriously, the company has a very good track record. Unlike many other brands, they don’t take their customers for granted. So, don’t hesitate to buy this jewelry piece for your well-deserving wife or girlfriend.

The Good Things:

-As marketed, the 2/3 Carat Solitaire Diamond Earrings have a brilliant sparkle to them. You will plan on wearing them as often as possible.
-The screws on the back keep the earrings attached to the ears, at all times. And, they come off easily too during removal.
-The size of these earrings is not too big or small. Size-wise, they are absolutely perfect.
-Casual or formal, this thing will look appropriate with most attires. Seriously, it will match with anything.
-Given the reasonable pricing, this earring set could prove to be a fantastic acquisition for anyone on a budget.

The Bad Things:

-The package requires a signature. If there’s no one at home at the time of delivery, a second attempt would be needed.

1-5 Carat Five Stone Diamond Hoop Huggie Earrings 14K Gold Value Collection

This stud earring set is from the same brand as above. Well, we are not a brand ambassador of Houston Diamond District. Just like the earlier product, the 1-5 Carat Five Stone Diamond Hoop Huggie Earrings Set is truly worthy of a mention.

Seriously, this piece of jewelry is a marvel in its own rights. It looks stunning, and it carries the necessary certification to prove that the materials used in the making of this product are not fake. As advertised, the diamonds are natural, untreated, and conflict-free, which is so rare in today’s age and time.

With natural brightness and sparkle, this best diamond stud earring set will really bring a big smile on your face whenever you take a glance at it. Frankly speaking, you will proudly show it off. Of course, you will also receive many compliments for it. Not to mention that you will like the price tag too.

Product Highlights:

At first impression, it may appear a bit small. But then, it will look perfect in your ears than in your hands, making you believe that the size is just right. Basically, this won’t look out of the place like other similar stud earring sets out there. Also, this thing sits well at its place without causing any discomfort, redness, or whatnot.

Even if you go to sleep wearing this, you won’t realize that it’s on you. At the same time, the construction of this piece of jewelry is good enough to not bend, even with frequent insertion and removal. Other reviewers are right about this thing lasting long. As you can tell, this stud earring set is so well-made in all areas of use that there’s no chance of it letting you down.

The Good Things:

-Houston Diamond District (HDD) has the best customer service, team. They really do a good job at all times.
-It’s easy to clean these stud earrings. The best part is that they will hold their shine even after repeated cleanings.
-It’s not too big to be flashy. At the same time, it’s not too small to go unnoticed.
-The cut, style, finishing, and the overall quality of this jewelry is praised by many industry experts.

The Bad Things:

-Like other similar products, the weight of the diamond can vary a bit. So, consider a plus or minus of approximately 6 %.

Best Diamond Stud Earrings Buying Guide

Best Diamond Stud Earrings

Ultimately, you should choose a jewelry set that best suits your budget, needs, and desire. But then, you should know what specs a product should have. So, here’s a complete guide on how to shop for the best diamond stud earrings without breaking a sweat.

Budget Determination

Since most of us don’t have a sky-high budget, it helps to establish a budget and then go from there. Obviously, establishing a budget will help you shortlist the best products that fall in your tentative price range. After all, there’s a huge price gap in products of this nature. Some of them can cost thousands of dollars.

Budget allocation will filter out the products that don’t fall in your budget. Why spend time and effort looking for an expensive jewelry set that’s out of the budget? Typically, earrings with heavier stone cost more.

So, choose something small and elegant that runs into hundreds of dollars as opposed to thousands of dollars, if that’s what your budget allows. Also, check if the company offers any warranty on the jewelry set, even if you are spending only a few hundred dollars.

Diamond Quality

As expected, the quality of the diamond matters a lot. The diamond should be pure, natural, and conflict-free. And, it must not be lab-made. The good news is that most of the genuine brands include a certificate that proves that real diamonds are used in the making of the earrings.

Best Diamond Stud Earrings

Of course, the grading certificate must be from a reputable third-party organization. So, you should steer away from sellers that don’t provide a letter of authenticity. Even the inexpensive diamond stud earrings cost hundreds of dollars.

So, why take a risk by getting this piece of jewelry from unknown brands. The ones referred by us not only carry a letter of authenticity, but they are also not mass-produced in some overseas factory.

Diamond Shape

The shape of the diamond would be a subjective choice. Some people may like round shape, while others may like oval, pear, or some other shape. Gladly enough, the choices are plentiful enough to meet the need of varied jewelry shoppers.

Best Diamond Stud Earrings

So, it would be unlikely for you to not find something that you would love to the core. Whatever the shape may be, it’s generally recommended to not choose something overly big or flashy. Something that’s not too big looks modern, and it’s incredibly unique in its own way can prove to be a great choice over here. After all, we wouldn’t mind some compliments coming our way, isn’t it?

Screw Backs

How well the earrings attach to the ear is often overlooked when buying this jewelry set. What if the earrings won’t fit well? What if they cause redness on your ear? The possibility of the item getting lost is also high when the earrings don’t have a well-fitting back.

For all these valid reasons, we highly recommend you to consider diamond stud earrings with screw backs. From customer reviews, it’s apparent that they do a good job of holding the earrings at their place. Moreover, the earrings recommended by us don’t cause any irritation and discomfort. Most of them can also be worn during sleep.

Best Diamond Stud Earrings


Whether you are looking to get the best diamond stud earrings for yourself or as a gift to someone, your search might have ended today. Do comment below if you need more assistance.

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